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The past couple days have looked pretty grim for the majority of the crypto markets, But a few smaller coins still seem to remain stable and profitable. So I wouldn't let all these red candles scare you, that 1 trillion dollars in fiat isn't gonna vanish anytime soon.

Take Algorand for example, (one of my favorite crypto currencies)

They have a amazing system built with great technology. Their wonderful pure proof of stake that rewards you anywhere between 6% - 7.5% APR not matter what just for holding depending where you hold it. This also means the more you have the more you earn, but that's not even the best part.

The Algorand network fee is only 0.001 ALGO. If you hold over 10 ALGO and wait for a block reward, it will reward you with enough ALGO to pay the fee and then some, making sending it basically free. Read more about ALGO and it's fees HERE There's always the DOGE but that's more of a Magical Internet Money and probably a topic for another day, but is a fun Coin to play around with nonetheless. Then we have ADA and DOT slowly rising to the stars amongst all this chaos. I'll need to do more research on those before ill openly share my opinions of them but for now they are going to be fun to watch.

Check out Binance for a awesome way to monitor all the different markets and keep track of your portfolio. Advanced features could scare away newcomers,

They do offer a lite version that's much simpler on the mobile app.

Don't Forget Coinbase is always a great place to buy and sell the more mainstream Crypto Currency's. Highly recommended for people new to The World Of Crypto.

With the world the way it is today, things might never be the same again. So it is probably best to use this time to your advantage, by learning something new and better your future. Currently I'm learning Python to build a small trade bot for Coinbase to simplify my life. I just built a small profit calculator to save me the trouble of doing the math in my head manually every time.

Still in the learning processes for Python and I did make this last night at 3am.

lol but it works! 🤣

def percentage(percent, whole):
 return (percent * whole) / 100.0

def algo(a,b):
    per5 = percentage(105, a)
    x = a * b
    fee = percentage(0.50, x)
    profit = ((per5 * b) - x)
    newFee = percentage(0.50, (profit + x))
 print('  Trade Amount =',b, 'Magical Coins')
 print('     Buy Price = ' + '%.8f' % a)
 print(' 5% Sell Price = ' + '%.8f' % per5)
 print('\n           Fee = ' + '%.8f' % fee)
 print('         Total = ' + '%.8f' % (x - fee))
 print('\n    Est Profit = ' + '%.8f' % profit)
 print('   Est New Fee = ' + '%.8f' % newFee)
 print('     Est Total = ' + '%.8f' % ((profit + x)-newFee))

# Enter Some Numbers Here And Watch the Magic Happen
# 0.50% per trade fee calculated based on coinbase pro current

Current = 0.00002500
Amount = 46

algo(Current, Amount)

Stay tuned as I will have more posts to come on the my progress with my trading bot. Follow My Twitter @OfficialNovixel for my live updates and Free Crypto Giveaways

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Just follow this guide and you should be a little wealthier by the end of it.

Yes! You can make real money for free right now with crypto currency.

Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin can be sold for your own national currency like USD Or CAD. That Is just regular good old Money my friends.

No catch, No hidden fees. No sketchy sites. 100% Real Money to be earned

Just found this out the other day and thought others would like to know. I simply want to share my experience with crypto currencies thus far and share with you on how I made 100$ for free just the other night.

First off, Let me start by telling you that I am NOT an expert nor do I even know that much about the world of crypto currencies. I have however began to learn more about crypto currencies and how the whole blockchain thing works. There is ALOT to be learned.

Anyways, As I began my descent in to the madness that is the world of trade markets, everchanging numbers, and Acronyms you couldn't imagine. I found this lovely little site known as Coinbase.

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange. In short its a place to buy and sell crypto currencies.

You can search for Coinbase on google or click my link HERE.

If you use me link it will just take you to a sign up page for Coinbase with my Referral attached to it.

Once you have your Coinbase account all set up, You'll need to get a couple things ready before you can actually get the money in to your bank account.

Get a PayPal that uses your REAL NAME (For the bank verification stuff).

Once your PayPal is set up with your real full name connect the bank account of choice and connect it to that PayPal account.

(You can skip this step if you would just like to keep your money on PayPal)

Great job! You should now have 1 Coinbase account, 1 PayPal Account Linked to your bank, and the willingness to learn about crypto currency.

Now its time to make some money! Get Ready To Learn!

In your browser log in to your Coinbase Account then click on portfolio.


open up a new tab in your browser and type in then hit enter!

Voila! You should now be on the Coinbase earning platform.

Now just click on the crypto you would like to learn about.

watch the videos. (Pay attention the answers are pretty straight forward)

answer the questions. (Good Luck If you have trouble just watch the video again)

Once you complete a full task for that currency. Wait a couple seconds and your funds should be added to your account with a nice email notification to go along with it.

Feel free to complete all the different steps for each Currency to maximize your profits.

Okay lets turn this crypto in to some real money. first log in to your Coinbase account and click on the blue button at the top right of the page that says Trade.

A little window should pop up now Click the Convert Tab.

From the drop down menu select one of the new currency's you earned.

For the second one select either Bitcoin or Ethereum as they are very easy to sell.

hit the convert all button at the top of the little window right under the amount entry box.

Finally press the big Convert button at the bottom to turn that random currency in to something more usable and stable. (Do this for all the Currencies you don't wanna keep)

Once you have all the currency in one place.

Click the Trade button once again.

Once the little window pops up select the Sell tab this time.

Select the your currency of choice from the drop down menu.


WHOOOP you should have the funds in your PayPal shortly.

From here just use PayPal to send the funds to your bank account. Maybe invest in some more in Crypto Currency.

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