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We Make Passive Income With Crypto Currency

The NoviNetwork is a community of awesome people that earn a passive income from home. We work together to find safe, reliable, and passive ways to earn income from using the blockchain and the many coins that come with it. All members of the NoviNetwork get exclusive perks and monthly crypto bonuses, giveaway entries and so much more!


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Crypto Mining

With millions of options and so many fake programs out to steal your data. its really hard to find a good reliable  crypto mining program that you can actually withdraw your earnings from. As part of the Novi Network, I did the grunt work for you and found just that.


Safe, Responsive, Easy to use, and its completely free. I run this browser on my MacBook & Windows 10 PC Everyday and have never had any issues. if you ever need some extra power you can always turn it off for a bit.

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