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The HyperNova's Journey

A hypernova is a type of stellar explosion which ejects material with an unusually high kinetic energy. - wikipedia

This HyperNova though is a fully customized "96-97 Dell dimension" case mod for my own personal rig. slowly filling up with parts I've been collecting over the past few years.

Yes I know its a mess but this baby's runs at 30c with all panels on with everyday use.

It has been a really fun build and the first time I ever *hacked* any of my computer parts.

No power tools or machines were used. Only small hand tools, wire, and a bit of glue. I started modding the case by hand and figured it would be more *raw* that way. "Alot more work.." But I pushed on as I always love a challenge.

Believe me! I am well aware of how it looks but I think its unique and I'm pretty proud of it. like'

C'mon, How often do you see a computer build like this.

The whole point of this build is to DIY a really solid mid-range Sleeper pc for cheep.

The whole aesthetic I was going for is that a computer savvy Dad built his son a gaming pc in his garage instead of buying him a *garbage* prebuilt PC.

I think it turned out pretty great so far as its been quite the journey. Starting with just a 23 year old computer case and installing a motherboard mount that i ripped out of a small little Acer prebuilt.

More Coming Stay Tuned

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